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The Royal Society of Edinburgh Innovation Awards

The Royal Society of Edinburgh, is Scotland’s “National Academy of Science and Letters. It was founded in 1783 by Royal Charter for the “Advancement of Learning and Useful Knowledge”. It has 1500 Fellows whose expertise encompasses the full spectrum of sciences, medicine, engineering and technology, education, law, the arts, humanities, social sciences, business, industry, the professions and public service. This multi-disciplinary perspective makes the RSE unique amongst the UK’s learned societies. Working with funding from The Gannochy Trust, is a grant-making trust founded in 1937 by Arthur Kinmond Bell, whisky distiller and philanthropist, they ran a major Innovation award competition with a prize of £50,000 for a scientist working in Scotland with an innovation reached or passed “Proof of concept” stage and will make an important contribution to Scotland’s well being.

The Award was promoted heavily by The Business to help to attract entries from around the country.

Scotland is famous the world over for its talent. Scottish inventors have created penicillin, lime cordial, the telephone, the television, and pneumatic tyres to list a few. That contribution to Scotland’s economy and well being is enormous. The Gannochy Trust Innovation Award of The Royal Society of Edinburgh sought to encourage younger people to pursue careers in the fields of science, technology and research which promote Scotland’s inventiveness internationally. It also recognises outstanding individual achievement which contributes to the common good of Scotland.


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