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iQ Chocolate

New university research has shown that artisan chocolate made in Scotland has the potential to improve the reaction times of Scotland’s toughest rugby players.

Stirling-based iQ Chocolate received a STAR to enable research with an academic team at Queen Margaret University to carry out the valuable research to prove their claims.

In addition to seeing a marked trend in reaction times of rugby players, the research also showed that iQ Chocolate has a greater antioxidant level compared to other leading chocolate brands assessed.

Sporting Chance Initiative works with both the academic team and the company to make the right connection. The funding enabled iQ Chocolate and the team at QMU to work together and enlist 12 of Scotland’s toughest Rugby Sevens players to put the product through robust scientific analysis and up against the extreme physical demands of these sporting giants.

With a strong research background in supporting the development of Scotland’s food and drink businesses, iQ Chocolate, with the support of Sporting Chance Initiative identified QMU as the academic partner with widest skills and knowledge for analysing the science behind its premium product.


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