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FundBio Event At BioCity Scotland

“Access to capital for life science businesses is crucial to innovation in Scotland” says Sandy Finlayson, MBM Commercial.

Ambitious life science businesses had a unique opportunity to meet major funders in the sector at BioCity Scotland event “FundBio” event. Keynote speakers Dr Siegfried Bialojan from EY Mannheim, Germany, head of their Life Science Centre, Sinclair Dunlop, managing partner of Epidarex Capital and Dr Glenn Crocker, CEO of BioCity all provided an overview of biotech funding trends at a global, UK and Scottish level – with insights into what makes an attractive investment opportunity.

Sandy Finlayson, the corporate lawyer from MBM Commercial, who brought together the individuals who created one of the world’s most successful business angel syndicates, “Archangel Investments” spoke in one of the smaller group sessions. Sandy says: “Access to capital for SMEs especially in the life science sector is the biggest barrier to growth. And access to capital and availability of capital for life science businesses is crucial to innovation in Scotland. Early stage Life science businesses are absolutely dependent on angel investment in Scotland at this point.”

“Scotland is unique in the UK with its syndicated funding model, similar to the very successful American model. Typical early stage life science business will go through several rounds of funding requirements in its life time to get from the good idea (the science) to successfully take a product to market stage.”


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