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Our Services

Crisis Management

In times of crisis, you need level-headed, experienced advisors available around the clock to help you protect your reputation and get across your own version of events.

There When You Need Us Most

Unexpected catastrophes happen to the best-run organisations, and while you can plan for business continuity if your premises burns down, surviving the storm isn’t so straightforward if:

  • your CEO is arrested for fraud
  • your chicken drumsticks are suspected of causing an outbreak of e-coli poisoning
  • your factory accidentally discharges effluence into the local river
  • some visitors to your facility come down with legionnaires disease, and the culprit is almost certainly your cooling tower
  • you have to announce mass redundancies
  • a disgruntled ex-employee starts causing havoc

The Business has been handling sensitive issues for over twenty years, and we will be there for you at any time, day or night, when the going gets tough. Your brand can easily be damaged by negative publicity. You need to defend it tooth and nail. Brand management is crucial in crisis management.

Think we'd work well together? Give us a call on 0131 344 4647 or enquire now and let's get talking about your business.