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Managing press relations is at the core of PR strategy. Being PROactive and REactive are both important.

Good coverage in the print and broadcast media and online, raises your profile and positions you as an authority in an area which fits with your business objectives. Unlike advertising, it has the powerful punch of independent endorsement. You know who you want to hear about you. You know who your potential and existing customers are, you know which audience you want to reach, and how you want to influence them.

PR achieves a big bang for your bucks. But above all, PR can help you grow into the business you want to be.

column inches in the national press and your most important trade publications

online on websites and blogs, and in comment that reaches audience

a seat beside the presenter on BBC Breakfast TV or a grilling on the Today programme

someone to take the strain when the media hound you

excellent communications with your own people internally

new ideas about how to get your name noticed

protecting your reputation when the media seems like a foe, not a friend

Communications & Social Media

Using Social Media to your advantage has a reach of thousands. You can tweet an instant message in Twitter and if you compose it in the right way you can hit many people exactly within your target audience for sales or business development. If you have developed your followers, they will help you get the message out even further than a lot of traditional media do. LinkedIn can draw many customers if you have researched your database properly, and Facebook can illustrate what you are trying to communicate. Social Media uses an approach no different from traditional marketing strategy, but it gives you a faster hit. It also opens up the potential for instant negative feedback which needs properly managed in such a wide reaching platform. You can change opinions in your use of media relations. You can interest people in your products, your expertise, your specialist knowledge. And through illustrating your personality and the personality of your brand you can attract new customers, new supporters and new intermediaries.


For getting your message out there instantly


For showing your business's personality


For networking with business people

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